“Hair” Today, Gone Tomorrow!

There are people fighting a daily battle in bathrooms and salons all across the globe to remove hair growing in places on their bodies where they serve no obviously compelling purpose.

Both men and women take up hair removal tools and shaving tool. According to Statistic Brain:

  1. A woman shaves an average of 12 times each month

  2. A woman will shave an average of 7,718 times in her lifetime

  3. A woman will spend $10,000 in her life on shaving related products

  4. 11 percent of women shave every day

  5. 58 percent of women use shaving as hair removal method

  6. 21 percent of women use waxing as hair removal method

  7. 75 percent of men shave their face every day

  8. 94 million U.S. men 15 years or older remove hair

  9. 1.3 billion men worldwide use a razor blade to shave with

    How Did We Get Here?

According to sciencealert.com, humans have about five million hair follicles all over their bodies. These follicles, tiny organs on our skin's surface that produce hair, take up residence predominantly on our heads and in our noses. Hair has served us well, protecting our bodies when we are cold or hot, and keeping dust and dirt out of our nostrils and eyes.

Both men and women have been removing body hair for centuries apparently, plucking, burning, tweezing and ripping out the follicles.

An article in http://www.todayifoundout.com says that it believed that as far back as 4,000 B.C., women were using dangerous substances like arsenic and quicklime to get rid of undesirable hair. The article, titled The History of Shaving, said that the Egyptians denuded all of the hair from their body. According to the article, being hairless prevented the spread of disease, lice, and other insects. By 500 B.C., Roman women were using pumice stones and even an ancient version of the razor to erase unwanted hair.

No one can categorically pinpoint the exact date when men decided to shave their beards. But we can take a pretty good guess that that form of grooming started during the Stone Age where paintings on cave walls depict Neanderthal man using seashells as tweezers. Flint blades, believed to be the first razors used for shaving, date back as far as 30,000 B.C.

These days, both sexes are still plucking, lasering, stripping and ripping hair off their bodies using a variety of methods and tools. Some new tools have been brought into play, among them laser and waxing. And then there is now permanent hair removal.

Many women are getting Brazilian hair removal and French Bikini hair removal at salons and spas all across Connecticut, including Neslon Salon & Spa in West Hartford. Hair is also removed from their underarm, brow, lip, chin, neck, leg, upper and lower, arm. And men are getting hair removed from their chest and back.

Salons and spa use some of the best hair removal products to get the job done.

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